• Sam Nicklin

    Sam Nicklin

  • Judson Vereen

    Judson Vereen

    B. 1986. American artist and author — Visit Judsonvereen.com — Subscribe https://judsonvereen.medium.com/subscribe

  • Jeff Caplan

    Jeff Caplan

    I’m a very curious creature.

  • minimalist


  • Paul Reney

    Paul Reney

    looking for the unfollowable lightness of being in all the wrong places, head trauma survivor... j’écris et parle aussi français…from Montréal...mostly poetry

  • Alexander Hay

    Alexander Hay

    Alexander Hay is a US lawyer now living in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. Some have accused him of being a curmudgeon, but what do they know???? Noisy kids!

  • D. Andre

    D. Andre

    Traveller | Writer | Thinker |

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